Registration Application

Registration Terms & Conditions

2018 "Super Show"
January 3-6, 2018
Alliant Energy Center – Exhibition Hall; Madison, WI

Registration Due October 1st
MWSRA Registration is due by October 1st to secure a listing in the Annual Buyers Guide. Payment is collected and processed upon registration and must be processed successfully in order for members to be listed in the Buyers Guide and added to the Show Floor Plan. MWSRA Members who have not registered or made any contact with the Executive Director by October 1st will receive an email indicating that as they are 30 days late in paying their dues, their membership will be dropped.

New Member Information
MWSRA is a non-profit organization functioning as a trade association for the purpose of promoting winter sports. It provides services and assistance to the winter sports industry, its representatives, and dealers. MWSRA aids stores and reps in their buying and selling efforts by sponsoring a trade show/s each year.

A new applicant must meet the following requirements for a one (1) year "Provisional Membership".
  1. Must reside in the Midwest territory serviced by MWSRA or approved by the MWSRA Board
  2. Cannot be a principal of the company represented
  3. Manufacturers represented by a member during market must be affiliated with either SIA-SNOWSPORTS INDUSTRIES OF AMERICA, or OR-OUTDOOR RETAILER
  4. Annual Membership Dues are $150 with an Initiation Fee of $500 (one time only) and any Booth Fees (see Below) as well as any other fees incurred must be paid in full (fees reviewed annually by the Board of Directors)
  5. Approval by the "Board of Directors".
After a one (l) year "Provisional Membership", the applicant will be offered full membership upon submitting 5 letters of recommendation from five (5) existing active members and/or retailers.

If qualifications for active membership are not met, fees will not be refunded. When full membership is attained the following year, the normal membership fees will apply. Voting rights do apply during your provisional year.

A buyer’s guide of all members/provisional members and the manufactures they represent is mailed to the stores that have pre-registered for the show. In order to be listed in the buyer’s guide, your application/online registration must be received by the MWSRA Office by October 1st. An additions and corrections page will be maintained and inserted in each additional Buyer’s Guide that gets distributed. Please keep the MWSRA Office updated with any line changes.

The list of stores and buyers that attended last year’s show will be e-mailed to you upon your acceptance as a "Provisional Member". As stores and buyers register to attend the upcoming shows all members/provisional members will receive retailer registration lists with weekly updates of new registrants.

Member Dues/Deadlines
If Registered By 10/1/17:

$650 – New Member Fee + Active Member Dues
$150 – Active Member Dues
$ 50 – Inactive Member Dues

If Registered After 10/1/17:

$650 – New Member Fee + Active Member Dues
$250 – Active Member Dues
$150 – Inactive Member Dues

Once a member, dues are collected every year. Failure to pay any Annual Dues will result in the termination of your membership and loss of seniority. To re-apply for membership, the $500 New Member Fee would be required.

Booth Fees/Deadlines
If Registered By 10/1/17:

$350 1-10' Booth
$570 2-10' Booths
$790 3-10' Booths
$1,010 4-10' Booths

+$210 for each additional booth after 4 total booths
If Registered After 10/1/17:

$450 1-10' Booth
$670 2-10' Booths
$890 3-10' Booths
$1,110 4-10' Booths

+$210 for each additional booth after 4 total booths

A $200 fee applies for any additions or changes to booth space made less than 30 days prior to the trade show.

Payment Methods
Checks and Credit Cards are acceptable forms of payment and will be processed immediately upon registration. Checks with insufficient funds or Credit Cards that are declined will require payment to be made by Credit Card or Cashier’s Check and replacement payment must be received by the Executive Director within five business days of notification. In addition a $30 Fee will be charged to cover bank incurred fees to MWSRA for these transactions.

I have read and understand the Terms and Conditions outlined by the Registration Information listed above.